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These gun holsters are handmade . When you order you have the options of picking from the designs you see or having it custom for your own design and color.  All holsters can be made to fit your gun size.  Pre made holsters fit compacts such as Shield.  No extra cost for custom work.  I can design them to fit your weapon with or without a lower light or laser so you can keep them attached.

  I have included the cost of shipping into the final price for your convenience. 


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                                          pre made holsters 

   If you like one of the holsters you see, put the code for the holster you desire in the custom text area.  I will get back with you to confirm your order so there is no confusion.

                                           Custom Holsters

  Please leave a brief description of what you are looking for and I will get back to you asap to get all of the details.  I will stay in contact with you along the process with photos so you can see it in the stages of being made.


          (Save $20.00  If You Purchase a gun holster and Holster belt together )    


 All items are handmade with patriotism and love.


Thank you for your interest.



Celtic Creations US

Side gun Holsters

  • If you have any manufacturer issues such as rivits and construction I will always take care of you.  I will also include instructions to keep your holster nice and new for years to come.